Mr. George Altirs

Mr. George Altirs - Lebanon

Corporate Leadership - 2013

George Altirs, a self-made entrepreneur and successful business man, is a non-practicing software engineer. His journey started in the town of Mijdlaya in North Lebanon where the Altirs family is from and where he attended school at “College des Frères”. In the late 80’s George moved to New York where he started his career by accepting a low paying job that fortified his perseverance to have his own business. 

The first courageous decision was when he decided to quit his at that time well-paid job in 1990, and then started his own business with his younger brother Masoud out of the basement of their Brooklyn home. He founded GMA Accessories Inc., the parent company of Capelli New York and Shanghai Company Ltd.  GMA Accessories Inc. is a manufacturer and importer of apparel, footwear and fashion accessories for women and children. Recently the company launched its sport apparel brand “Capelli Sport” which includes team wear and sport accessories for all age groups. As the CEO of the GMA Group, the group that owns GMA accessories Inc. and other non-fashion companies, George combined his passion for hard work, his keen sense of fashion and his self-procured knowledge of business into a small corporation that turned into an international organization with offices in North America, Europe and three fully owned factories in Asia. 

GMA Group oversees a portfolio in real estate and also plays a big role in the retail, logistics and manufacturing industry. George is a majority shareholder in software and construction companies and a major investor in a high-end Manhattan restaurant. As a big soccer fan, he transformed one of his properties to an indoor soccer training facility, “Capelli Sport Center “. The facility is home to hundreds of kids personally sponsored by George thru the Altirs Foundation. His connection to the Cedars of Lebanon and the American dream led to the establishment of the “Cedars Stars Academy” a professional soccer (football) club. In 2013 two of his “Cedar Stars” youth teams were ranked first in the USA in their age group. This year George acquired a USL PRO (professional football) soccer team in Wilmington – North Carolina, “The Wilmington Hammerheads”.

George is a committed member of his American-Lebanese Community. He has financed several projects including a college education fund for many young Lebanese.

George resides in Saddle River (New Jersey, USA) with his wife, Elisabeth, working hard on keeping his seven kids staying influenced by their heritage, culture and way of living.  

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