Ms. Samar Muhareb

Ms. Samar Muhareb - Jordan

Young Entrepreneur - 2011

Samar Muhareb is the Founder and Director of Legal Aid, Jordan where she dedicates her work to insuring adequate legal representation for those who cannot afford it, thus contributing her business acumen to aid the community. She is also the Legal Representative of Oxfam GB providing legal aid services and advice related to its work in Jordan.

Muharab’s stated career objective is to apply her experience, insight and education where she can make a difference in people's lives, and to support the poor and alleviate suffering. During her formative years in business, she served the community at large while focusing on Human Rights. From the outset she applied a high standard of ethical practice to the correct application of the legal system.

Muhareb has also focused on the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A key CSR initiative is Private4Public, which aims to reduce and prevent crime in Jordan by engaging the private sector in helping to empower underprivileged communities by securing their needs and building their capacities, thus ensuring they do not resort to illegal means for that purpose. Private4Public is set to run regionally with support from a donor. Before establishing Legal Aid, Muhareb worked as a field officer, project assistant and interpreter for NGOs dealing with Iraqi and Palestinian Refugees in Jordan. In doing so, she built up her knowledge of how NGOs operate and how to help them improve their efficacy. She is a pioneer for civil society empowerment.

Samar Muhareb holds a Bachelor in Law degree and an MA in Human Rights and Human Development, both from the University of Jordan.

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