Arab Youth Movement

Arab Youth Movement - Egypt

Corporate Leadership - 2011
Arab Youth Movement was chosen as the TAKREEM 2011 recipient of this Award for its pivotal role in leading what will enter history as a most remarkable popular movement that succeeded in toppling some of the harsh, corrupt, and oppressive dictators in the world.   

The movements of January 17th, February 25, provided the world with exemplary models of peaceful mechanisms for bringing about regime change: their civility, wisdom, refinement and organizational skills, along with a total commitment to non - violence, has been an inspiration. 

In recognizing this movement, the story of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi must be acknowledged as the trigger that precipitated an avalanche.   While making history, Arab Youth Movement has manifested extraordinary sophistication in maintaining harmony and social cohesion, totally rejecting racial, sectarian or other divisions. 

The youth carried messages of love and hope while bravely pursuing their innate right to freedom and dignity, which are the foundations for sustainable Social Peace. 

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