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What is TAKREEM Initiative?
TAKREEM aims to be a source of inspiration for Arabs worldwide.We seek to identify Arab accomplishments by highlighting excellence and leadership in multiple fields.

TAKREEM’s main objective is identifying Arabs who have excelled in their field and inspired others in their quest for cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social and economic developments in the Arab world.

When was TAKREEM established?
 In the year 2004, TAKREEM Initiative emerged and launched its first ceremony in March 2010.
Where were the previous TAKREEM ceremonies held?
The annual ceremony is held rotationally in one of the 22 MENA countries:
The first TAKREEM ceremony was held in Lebanon at the Casino Du Liban on March 25, 2010

 The second TAKREEM ceremony was held in Qatar at the Cultural Village Katara on April 30, 2011 

 The third TAKREEM ceremony was held in Bahrain at the Cultural Hall in Manama on November 30, 2012

How can I/We collaborate or support TAKREEM Initiative?

You can partner with TAKREEM through the following means:


For more information, please contact us: +961 - 1 - 204787/8

How much does it cost to apply to become a TAKREEM Initiative candidate?
There is no application fee.                                                                                       
Who is eligible?
Any individual or organization with the following criteria:
Arab origin (excluding the TAKREEM Award for Exceptional International Contribution to Arab Society)
Active in business and/or social setting(s)
Cultured and well-rounded personality
Expertise in specific fields
Must have a social, cultural, entrepreneurial, scientific, educational, humanitarian, civil, or business background

How do I/We apply?
You can apply through either of the following channels:
Online through the Candidate’s page
Print and complete the application form and send it with your CV or company profile by:

      Fax:   +961 - 1 - 20 47 89 
      Mail:   Olive Branch- TAKREEM Awards
      Email: info@takreem.net
      Asco Center (5th Floor) 
      Sassine Square
      Ashrafieh, Beirut

For more information, please contact us: +961-1-204787/8
Can I/We submit more than one nomination for the award categories?
Individuals or organizations  may enter one or more nominations on the condition that they meet the criteria of each of the nine categories. Every entry must be submitted on a separate application form.
When can I/We start applying and when is the final deadline for applications?
Candidature for TAKREEM 2014 is valid until 28 February 2014.
Will the information I/We submit in the application form remain confidential?


Yes, all information will remain confidential. Only the committees involved in the selection process will have access to the application for selection purposes (meaning: Peer Review Commission, Selection Board and International Jury Board).



How does the judging process work?

The process by which TAKREEM selects candidates for each of the categories is thorough. It ensures that all the nominations TAKREEM receives are reviewed in an unbiased and non-discriminatory manner.

Each nominee has the right to compete regardless of religion, gender, nationality, political affiliation or age. Candidates must be of Arab origin for all categories excluding the Exceptional International Contribution to Arab Society award.

The selection of nominees involves a two stage process ensuring the accomplishments of candidates are fully examined and evaluated.

The first step calls for an in-depth review by the Selection Board made up of individuals from across the Arab world that are recognized experts in their fields. Each category is handled independently. Short-lists of candidates chosen to move forward in the selection process are then reviewed by the Jury Board.   

The short listed nominees are reviewed by the Jury Board. Its responsibility is to select a winner in each of the nine categories. The Jury consists of distinguished Arab and International personalities. Their participation in the selection of laureates ensures that the winners will gain recognition for themselves and their contributions in hopes of bringing pride to the whole of the Arab world.

The TAKREEM team serves only as an advisor. It does not participate in the evaluation process.

Application Process
You will receive an e-mail confirming that your nomination has been received
We accept applications in the following languages: Arabic, English, and French
If you are not accepted this year, you can re-apply again in the following year. Kindly note that you will have to go through the application process again.
If you are a finalist, you will be contacted one month prior to the Ceremony.


What are the benefits of being a TAKREEM finalist?
The TAKREEM Ceremony acknowledges and rewards the achievements of Arab nationals. 

TAKREEM Laureates benefit from:
 International and regional recognition for their achievements

 International exposure showing their contribution to the community

 Acknowledgment for their remarkable success

 An opportunity to build relationships with the Selection Board and  the Jury Board members
When will the TAKREEM winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on the evening of the TAKREEM Ceremony. 

What is the dress code for the TAKREEM Ceremony?

Black tie or national attire only.

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