TAKREEM wishes to acknowledge the important role played by our partners in the corporate world and media. 
We are honored to have the active support of organizations whose praxis in corporate social responsibility reflect our own aspirations and help reinforce the principles of TAKREEM. 

Strategic Partners



  • CNN
    CNN International is the world’s leading global 24-hour news network, available in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Launched in 1985, its output includes breaking news, business, sport, current affairs, and analysis, alongside documentaries and features.
  • Sky News Arabia
    Sky News Arabia
    Sky News Arabia is a 24-hour, Arabic-language rolling news channel broadcasting in HD quality from Abu Dhabi. A joint venture between Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation and the UK’s BSkyB, the channel offers fresh, fast, and independent news across multiple media platforms including live streaming of its broadcast on the internet and via dedicated mobile applications. Sky News Arabia operates 16 offices in key cities across the region as well as international bureaus in London and Washington DC. The channel also draws upon sister channel Sky News’ global network of bureaus, ensuring comprehensive coverage of regional and international events.
  • TV5Monde
    For over 30 years, TV5MONDE’s nine channels and ten French language partners have viewers from around the world: 200 countries, 243 million homes and 25,000 hotels. Whether on the big screen, mobile phone or in hotel rooms, TV5MONDE informs people everywhere what is happening elsewhere."
  • LBC
  • OSN

    OSN is the ultimate destination for the widest choice of brand new premium Western, Arabic, South Asian (Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam and Tamil) and Filipino entertainment in the Middle East and Africa. It is the home to over 150 channels and services filled with great value entertainment, offering viewers in the MENA region exclusive access to the latest blockbuster movies, top rated series, sports, documentaries, news, kid’s entertainment and live talk shows. The movie offering includes over a 100 uncut and uninterrupted movie premieres a month. It boasts the most comprehensive portfolio of exclusive rights from all the major studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, NBC Universal, HBO and DreamWorks and offers access to the world’s leading television brands including Disney channel, Sky News, Discovery Network and National Geographic.

    As the leader in innovation, OSN has changed the TV viewing experience by bringing quality entertainment through 65 High Definition channels and is currently the only network offering a full HD bouquet of channels as well as 3D entertainment in the region. It was the first to launch the OSN DVR HD; the regions first online TV platform, OSN Play; the regions first 3D, HD, internet enabled satellite receiver and recorder, OSN Plus HD and the region’s first VOD service, OSN on Demand offering viewers the opportunity to watch over 1000 movies and 52 latest seasons of the top series, all available in full HD quality and Dolby Digital sound.

    The OSN platform is owned and operated by Panther Media Group Limited; a company registered in DIFC, and is owned by KIPCO and Mawarid Group Limited.


  • Al Kahera Wal Nas
    Al Kahera Wal Nas

    In 2009, a regional TV station like no other was launched in Egypt. It was founded by Tarek Nour a man who is considered responsible for starting the creative advertising industry in the region. Earning the title of “The boldest channel in the Middle East”, Al Kahera Walnas is a success story that has been built on creativity, innovation, unique content, a strong brand and a genuinely different approach to politics and entertainment in the Middle East and North Africa. Covering a footprint of over 300million viewers, Al Kahera Walnas has created household names of countless talented journalists and entertainers and is a leader in both the key “influential” and “female” demographics. The station continues to be on the cutting edge of bold television with original programming that speaks to the audiences’ minds region wide


  • Roya

    Roya TV is a Jordanian private satellite channel, launched in 2011 to be the first choice for information and entertainment programs and to connect with the Arab community through a programmatic cycle that addresses youth, families and children. Roya TV offers a variety of programs that touch on many of the public’s interests, including technology, comedy, music, and drama as well as providing news 24 hours a day to inform viewers about local news, sports and developments. Additionally, since its establishment Roya TV has taken it upon itself to address important issues such as the environment, financial and local affairs.

    Roya TV broadcasts an integrated package of news programs, cultural and recreational interesting and diverse professional, and has a presence on all social networking sites task, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

    Over the past five years Roya TV has reached 27% of the local viewership, which has made it the first among the local TV channels and the second TV channel in the region viewed locally as supported by Ipsos.

  • Future TV
    Future TV
    Future TV is a Lebanese company founded in 1993 with currently around 90 shareholders. Future TV focuses on Lebanon, the MENA region, the Mediterranean basin and North America. Its goal is to preserve Lebanese identity while maintaining quality production.
  • Al Hayat
    Al Hayat

    Al Hayat is a Pan-Arab International newspaper published daily with a circulation of 267,370 copies. Founded in Lebanon in 1946, Al Hayat ceased publication in 1976 due to the country’s civil strife. It was re-launched internationally in London in 1988. Al Hayat is the most widely quoted independent Pan-Arab newspaper dealing with Middle Eastern affairs. Its European base grants it the freedom to convey ideas, communicate concerns, and support views found within mainstream Arab thinking.

    Al Hayat has a network of offices and correspondents throughout the Arab world and in international metropolises. The newspaper is printed in London, Frankfurt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Beirut and Cairo, and distributed in more than 30 markets. In 2005, Al Hayat launched its three-pronged Saudi Arabia edition; Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam.  The three editions encompass a common international content with additional regional news for each one of the three regions.

    Al Hayat is available via a “Print-on-Demand” network, delivering the paper to remote locations around the world.

    Al Hayat uses multi-digital platforms to reach its readers whether at home or away on their mobile devices and tablets

  • Al Ghad
    Al Ghad
  • Al Anbaa
    Al Anbaa
    Al Anbaa is one of the leading and cutting-edge Kuwaiti newspapers, valued for its innovation and diversity. With its high quality journalism and exclusive interviews, Al Anbaa is perceived as a voice of truth and moderation
  • Alyawm al7
    Alyawm al7

    Youm7 is an online as well as daily print newspaper published by the Egyptian Company for Press, Publication and Advertisement. Launched as a weekly newspaper in October 2008, Youm7 became a daily newspaper starting in May 2011. The newspaper and its online news website are committed to the Code of Ethics stated by the Egyptian Supreme Press Council. Absolute credibility, an in-depth analysis and coverage along with transparency in broadcasting news are among Youm7’s basic principles.

    Youm7 believes these norms serve as the bridge between the publication and its readers. Without any political and partisan affiliations or ideological and doctrinal biases, Youm7 believes in a civil state that considers law its first reference; separates between powers and adopts democratic-based policies and freedom in economy aiming to achieve social development and stability. Youm7 not only addresses the Egyptian elite in political and economic arena but also extends to several intellectual segments of the Egyptian middle class. The newspaper also provides useful information and up-to-date news that meets the demands of all Egyptian segments along with entertainment-based news.
  • L'Orient Le Jour
    L'Orient Le Jour

    L’Orient-Le Jour is an independent newspaper, founded in 1971 as a result of the merger of two newspapers, L’Orient and Le Jour, and chaired by Michel Eddé, the man of great culture. Since then, the most prestigious thinkers, columnists, writers and journalists of modern Lebanon have been providing its readers with high-quality news and information. Today, L’Orient-Le Jour is standard among French-speaking readers in Lebanon and the whole region. Its core purpose is to enhance society by giving its readers high-quality and independent news.

    L’Orient-Le Jour also offers its readers a website with continuous news and a panorama of articles covering all information.

  • Laha

    Launched in 2000, Laha magazine stands out to Arab women, offering inspirational lifestyle oriented content week after week.

    Keeping on top of the latest seasonal trends, Laha also offers periodic supplements providing in-depth coverage on watches and jewelry, weddings, cooking, fashion, beauty and more.

    Laha readership can best be described as being pragmatic, educated, fashionable, and influential.


  • Trends

    TRENDS is the leading magazine on Arab affairs in the Mena region. The magazine provides business leaders with critical insight and indepth analysis of issues and developments in the Middle East, while forming opinions on business, social, political and economic matters. Delivering sterling information and analysis on the region for more than 15 years, Trends has established itself as the premier source for Arab affairs. 

  • Hia

    HIA magazine has been true to its mission and identity since its launching in London in 1992. Since then, HIA magazine has been playing a pivotal role in broadening the horizons of the Arab woman and in helping her fulfill her potential. It has exclusively interviewed some of the most important and successful Arab women who have had a considerable impact on changing the path of other Arab women.

    HIA magazine targets the sophisticated modern lady who keeps up with everything new. It is her guide to all things refined in the world of fashion, beauty and jewelry. HIA magazine distinguishes itself from other Arab magazines, thanks to a topnotch team of editors and experts in different fields, especially in fashion, beauty, jewelry and health. Hence, it has been able to match international magazines, thanks to the quality of its editorial material, which has in turn boosted the magazine’s trustworthiness and credibility among its readers and advertisers.

    According to the major international statistics companies (PARK and IPSOS), HIA magazine still tops the list of best Arab monthly magazines. In addition, significant fashion houses and cosmetic companies around the world consider it “the leading Arab monthly magazine” and a favorite among Arab women. 


  • Saneou Al Hadath
    Saneou Al Hadath

    Saneou Al Hadath is a unique monthly Arabic business magazine, addressing middle- and top-level managers in the Middle East interested in daily business issues. Offering a lively look at the entrepreneurs who have helped build empires, Saneou Al Hadath connects the business and human aspects of commerce and helps business relationships and recognise the achievements of companies. Explaining the economy in a unique, clear and simple way has become its trademark. For the fifth consecutive year, Saneou Al Hadath has been ranked as the No.1 magazine in its category by Ipsos-Stat.

  • Arabies

    Founded in 1987 in Paris, Arabies is the leading French-language magazine dedicated to North Africa. It is an influential and well-informed reference shaping opinions of the Arab world in French-speaking Europe, North America and North Africa. A heady mix of politics, business and culture, Arabies targets high-level officials and businessmen. It is focused on Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, but offers insights into key issues affecting the rest of the Arab world. Arabies is the French connection for those seeking a better understanding of this vibrant and rapidly evolving region of the world. 


    Valeurs Actuelles is the weekly French magazine with the fastest-growing distribution that targets French readers with high purchasing power. It addresses the societal, political and economic themes, and discusses the French and international current affairs. Since 2015, Valeurs Actuelles is owned by Iskandar Safa who bought the Valmonde group which also includes Jours de Chasse and Jours de Cheval magazines

  • Raseef22
    At the intersection of community, identity, democracy, and social justice, Raseef22 is an independent Pan Arab media platform, presenting news and views relevant to the Arab world. Inspired by recent and profound transformations to the socio-cultural, literal, and political landscape of the Arab world, Raseef22 fills a cultural gap in the Arabic language media landscape, acknowledging both local values and global perspectives. Raseef22 has built a community of readers seeking homegrown Arabic content from around the 22 Arab countries, bringing personal perspectives to politics, lifestyle and culture. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon and spanning ten countries, our team seeks to activate and nurture a dialogue among a community of artists, scholars, activists, civil society actors, and innovative voices committed to the advancement of social justice, cultural pluralism, and inclusiveness in the Arab world. Raseef22 introduces diverse ideas that promote a better understanding of the stories that touch our lives, appealing to our readers’ intellectual, and creative interests through our network of over 120 journalists across the Arab world. Raseef22 is not a traditional newspaper, its added value is its ability to present and advocate ideas that inspire and attract large audiences from across the diverse “Arab World” which is governed by a politically charged and censored environment where we have more questions than answers and where economic hardships interfere with the natural instincts of mankind to make the right choices. With over 3 Million readers every month, Raseef22 is building a trusting and loyal audience in cultures steeped with conventions and history.


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