The last two decades have witnessed world events that have tarnished the Arab world's image. Ricardo Karam felt a compelling need to convey a positive image of Arabs worldwide; and in doing so, reveal their true identities. This need evolved into a mission and in 2010 TAKREEM was established.

TAKREEM identifies and honors Arabs who have excelled in their field and inspired others in their quest for cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social and economic excellence.

By highlighting Arab endeavors across the globe and raising awareness of Arab accomplishments, TAKREEM becomes a platform for the many hitherto unseen Arab men and women to be recognized for their achievements. TAKREEM also encourages a positive Arab identity, changes false and negative perceptions, in addition to becoming a source of inspiration to Arab youth in their search for role models.  

Selection Process

TAKREEM's selection process is based on objectivity. Each nomination is non-discriminatory and is accepted regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion or political affiliation. Candidates should be of Arab origin for all categories except for: The award of International Contribution to Arab Society.

Candidates' selection is a two-stage process, which ensures their credentials are fully evaluated and assessed. 

During the first stage, it is the responsibility of the Selection Board to draw up a carefully considered short-list of candidates for each award category, which is then presented to the Jury Board. 

During the second stage, it is the Jury Board’s responsibility to review the short-listed nominees and vote for a winner in each of the nine categories. The grading is confidential. The names of all winners remain confidential until the ceremony. 

Throughout the review process, the TAKREEM team only serves as an advisor. It does not participate in the evaluation process.