• What is TAKREEM?
    TAKREEM is an initiative that aims at being a source of inspiration to Arabs worldwide. It seeks to identify Arabs accomplishments by highlighting excellence and leadership in multiple fields. 
  • When was TAKREEM established?
    TAKREEM was established in 2008. The first Award Ceremony was organized in Beirut in March 2010.The following editions have been held in Doha, Manama, Paris and Marrakesh respectively.
  • How do I/We nominate?
    Candidatures are presented by the Selection Board.
    However, you can also nominate online through the Candidate’s page or by completing the application form and sending it to us with the related information.
  • Can I/We nominate for more than one category?
    Yes, you can provided you meet the criteria the relevant category. 
  • When is the deadline for submitting applications?

    We accept candidatures till 28 February of every year.

  • In which language are the files submitted?
    We accept applications either in Arabic, English or French.
  • How can I/We know that my application has gone through?
    Once you have completed your application, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your nomination has been submitted.
  • How is the selection process carried out?
    The process by which TAKREEM selects candidates for each of the categories is thorough. It ensures that all the nominations TAKREEM receives are reviewed in an unbiased and non-discriminatory manner.

    Each nominee has the right to compete regardless of religion, gender, nationality, political affiliation or age. Candidates must be of Arab origin for all categories excluding the Exceptional International Contribution to Arab Society award. 
    The selection of nominees involves a two stage process ensuring the credentials of candidates are fully examined and evaluated.

    The first step calls for an in-depth review by the Selection Board. Each category is handled independently. Short-lists of candidates chosen to move forward in the selection process are then reviewed by the Jury Board. The Jury Board’s responsibility is to select a winner in each of the nine categories. 
  • If a candidate does not win, can I/We re-apply the following year?
    Yes. However, kindly note that you will have to go through the application process again.
  • Will the information I/We submit in the application form remain confidential?
    Yes, all information will remain confidential. Only the committees involved in the selection process will have access to the data for selection purposes.
  • How much does it cost to send an application?
    There is no application fee.
  • Will the candidate be notified if he wins?
    He will be contacted 4 months prior to the Awards Ceremony.
  • When will the results be announced?
    The results will be disclosed during TAKREEM Awards Ceremony. 
  • What does the laureate benefit from TAKREEM?
    In addition to the acknowledgment of their achievements, laureates benefit from some privileges among which:
    - A big media exposure.
    - An opportunity to develop their networks and build solid relationships with successful individuals working in different areas.
    - Highlighting on the pioneering roles they play in their fields.
    - Contributing to the enhancement of the image of the Arab World
    - Inspiring the Arab youth.
  • Where is the TAKREEM Awards Ceremony held?
    Our headquarters are Beirut – but TAKREEM Awards Ceremony is held every year in a different city.
  • What is the dress code for the TAKREEM Ceremony?
    Black tie or national attire only.

  • How can I/We collaborate or support TAKREEM?
    You can partner with TAKREEM through:

    Strategic Sponsorship
    Media Partnership
    Constructive comments and suggestions


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